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This page is dedicated to furthering your knowledge of the string world. Our product reviews and care and maintenance articles are written so that you can make more informed decisions about your instrument and potential purchases. Please click the links below to read the articles and reviews.

The Real Costs of a Cheap Violin: An article by Seery Strings exploring the true costs of "bargain" violins, violas, cellos, and even basses apply here as well.

Coda Diamond Review :A review of the Coda Diamond Series bows.

Perfection Pegs vs. Wittner Fine Tune :A review comparing Wittner Fine Tune Pegs and Knilling Planetary Perfection Pegs.

Care and Maintenance Guide: A must read guide for any bowed instrument owner providing tips for keeping your instrument in the best possible condition.

So You Found a Stradivarius Violin!: This article is from the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers website and is very informative about the chances that the instrument you have in you attic is a "real" Stradivarius.

Try it on a Cheap Violin First?: This article discusses the added obstacles of those "bargain" instruments.

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Know Thy Enemy: An article about the 3 most damaging enemies of wood instruments.

ToneRite Review: A review of the ToneRite de-dampening device.

Shimming a Bridge: An article about the WHY NOTS of shimming bridges that have become unplayable due to changes in climate.