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Links of interest will be posted to direct visitors to sites of products used by Seery Strings and other exciting news and developments in the string world.

Peter Ferreria : Peter is a world class concert violinist who resides in Connecticut. Check out his wonderfully musical and informative site! Many thanks to Peter for helping in the design of this site.

Melissa Morgan : Melissa is a highly skilled cellist and a fantastic teacher for cellists of any age or level of playing. We cannot commend her more highly.

Pioneer Valley Luthier Supply : This company offers the best bow hair I have ever used in their "Special Select" hair. Seery Strings is proud to carry this remarkable hair and recommends it for the finest bows.

Gilles Nehr : Check out Gilles Nehr's new tete beche model bow. This bow design could very well revolutionize the bow and bow making in the future!.

Bob Gollihur : An incredible resource for Bass Players! Tons of information, resources, and links to other Bass playing pages.

Jan Royce : Jan is among the greatest string educators anywhere! She has done much to promote orchestral and fiddling music.

Todd E. Hinman Furniture Restoration : I often get asked about where to get furniture repaired and restored. Nowhere better than at Hinman Restoration. Todd takes the same approach to his business as we do to ours.

Howard Core Company: Howard Core offers a wide variety of products and is the primary supplier for Seery Strings! Exclusive products such as; Kohr violins for students and professionals, GEWA instruments and cases, Crown Strings, Marco Raposo bows, Negri cases, S.I.R. Cellos, Guardelli fittings, and Mark Wood electric violins.

Knilling Planetary Perfection Pegs: these pegs are an excellent upgrade to almost any violin, viola, or cello. They work very well and look like traditional pegs. To read a product review click here.

Coda Diamond Bows: the world's best carbon fiber bows. Coda has made huge strides in carbon fiber technology. These bows definitely rival many of the best wood bows. To read a product review click here.

Arcos Brasil Bows: pernambuco bows handmade in Brasil by expert makers. Seery Strings is proud to offer these fine wood bows.

New Harmony Accessories: New Harmony makes affordable and high quality accessories for cello and bass. We are excited to offer these products.

BAM Cases: BAM makes very high quality and very stylish cases. We offer very competitve prices so before you buy elsewhere call Seery Strings!