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If we’re lucky, there comes a moment in our relationship with an instrument when considerations of positions, notes, scales and keys fade, and within the bounds of our technical acuity the melody that’s coursing through our head escapes through our limbs and comes freely out of the wood and strings we hold.  Our analytical mind takes a seat in the audience and enjoys the spontaneous performance conspired between our fingers and the right side of our brain.

The tone and clarity of the instrument has to be sufficiently true in order to jump start the avalanche of sensory freefall. I can’t remember at what age it first happened while playing the guitar. It was probably five or six years ago when I experienced it with a mandolin. Imagine my elation when, after only five or six collective hours of practicing scales and intonation on my re-worked violin, a random melody graciously volunteered and something beyond the scope of my measured skills emerged on its own, bright and sweet.

I no longer have just a violin, but another channel for expression and conversation.  I gave you an instrument. You returned to me a new friend and confidant. Thank you.

-Ross Johnson



Mike Seery is an artist whom for over the past year has demonstrated his dedication and skill many times to me through the expertise he has shown repairing and maintaining my violins and bows, including my early 1800s German Jon. Bapt. Schweitzer concert violin.

From serious repairs and overhauling to the most minute adjustments, Mike has proven himself to be a first rate luthier, who's patience, technique, and willingness to settle for nothing short of perfection in his work has impressed me to no end. I am glad to recommend him to anyone requiring instrument repairs.

-Peter Ferreira


Mike Seery is one of the best, most reliable and easy to work with luthiers in our state. He will give you advice that is good for you ~ not necessarily him, as a businessman and his prices are realistic. His work is excellent but his forte (if you will excuse the musician's expression) is working with bows, something we sorely need in Connecticut.

Jan Farrar-Royce, Yamaha Certified String Educator
President CT American String Teachers Association


I would like to thank you again for helping me out with my cello emergency last Friday.  Because of your helpful attitude and caring approach to the instrument, I was able to play my performance two days later (as scheduled).

Just as important! -- My cello has never sounded better, ever.  After playing it a week now, every person who has heard it has commented that it has a fuller, more open tone.  From my perspective, not only is this indeed the case, but from the bottom of the range to the very top the tone quality and volume are wonderfully even and rich.  Playing is even physically easier than it was before, too.

Beautiful work!

-David Sims

Michael Seery is absolutely one of the most outstanding and brilliant luthiers on this planet. He is an artistic innovator who is willing to test the boundaries of the luthier trade with stellar results! He is a hidden treasure, but hopefully not for too much longer. He is extremely patient, courteous and very professional. Recently, I got a new bridge fitted on my violin and the quality of workmanship rivals the legendary luthiers such as Jacques Francais and Rene Morel. Most importantly, he understands and listens to the violinist's needs. I have never been so happy with such an amazing bridge fitting. He made my violin sound like a multi-million dollar instrument!! In addition, he is most outstanding at bow rehairs -- I no longer have to travel many hours to NYC for this service. I highly recommend Mr. Seery without any reservations. I know you will be satisfied beyond belief!

-Sung-Duk Song


just wanted to thank you again for the work you did on my cello. I just played it again outside of the concert hall that is your foyer and it still sounds so much better. The bridge height is perfect and you really did a great job evening out the tone across the strings without taking away the robustness of the cello. All in all, perfect work!

-Nancy Matlack